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Middleton Co-operatingA new people-centred, community-led local organisation – working together for the benefit of all the people in our M24 postcode.

We are making a difference on things that matter most in people’s everyday lives, and building a town where we can all access the things we need, and enjoy the place where we live. 

We intend to be Greater Manchester’s first co-operative town – taking a new approach to strengthening our local economy and local community, in the Borough that gave birth to the co-operative movement.

Manchester DigitalThe home of Greater Manchester's digital and tech businesses

Manchester Digital is the voice of Greater Manchester’s tech and digital sector. 

Our community is made up of a wide range of businesses and we work closely with them to create the optimum environment for sector-wide success. 

We are independently funded through membership and we represent the entire ecosystem with a wide range of business types, models, sizes and capabilities making up our community.

We use the power of our membership to take direct action to solve specific issues and barriers that impact the sector’s growth and we provide a cohesive voice for the sector, ensuring that its views are represented at a local and national government level.

Through our extensive range of products and services, we develop talent, drive innovation, share knowledge and help your business to thrive.

As your trade body, we have five key areas of focus that are aligned to the needs of the sector. You can read more about them here. 

Anthony Collins SolicitorsAnthony Collins Solicitors is a specialist law firm with a clear purpose – to improve lives, communities and society. For over 45 years we’ve been successfully combining market-leading legal expertise with a commitment to excellence and long-term relationships underpinned by a strong set of values. 


  • are purpose-driven;
  • show respect;
  • build relationships;
  • demonstrate integrity; and
  • deliver excellence.

Founded in Birmingham in 1973 by Anthony Collins, we have pursued our social purpose through the work we do and how we do it. We are proud of our purpose and values. This is reflected in the clients we work with and the sectors we serve. We are now nationally recognised across our specialist sectors. 

Co-operative and Mutual SolutionsCo-operative and Mutual Solutions (CMS) Limited is a worker co-operative with 3 members. While North West based, it works throughout the UK with communities, groups of people, workers who are seeking a co-operative solution: a community looking to save or create a service, a group of micro-businesses wanting to grow their reach, workers wanting to buyout a retiring owner or a group of people wanting to start a new enterprise

Made in Wigan

What is Made in Wigan?

It’s an opportunity for any person from within the community to turn an individual interest or raw skill into a valued product or service.

Then to work with other people, to create new, or expand existing, community businesses.

Businesses that not only add value and trade with the local and wider community, but that in turn generate further revenue, jobs and commerce.

Jonny's Journey

At just twelve years old Jonathan Ashcroft suffered life changing injuries when a car struck him whilst returning home from school.Now in his mid-twenties, his road to recovery has not only been a physical test but a mental test. One which resulted in social isolation and a reluctance to entertain the possibility of exposure to any further risk no matter how small.Nevertheless Jonny tentatively met with Made in Wigan's David Baxter to discuss the creation of a Community Business dedicated to developing skills in people with an interest in wood and metal working and as a result of that initial meeting the Men's Sheds Community Business was born.

CBNDigital infrastructure is a powerful tool for transformation. For local economies, for public services, for opportunity. CBN has a unique approach to the development and promotion of transformational digital infrastructure, with innovations such as the Thin Layer Model, Digital Exchanges, Dig Once Trusts and Imagine IBZL.

CBN works with local authorities, businesses and NGOs, both in the UK and internationally. Our members and associates include some of the UK’s top experts in telecommunications strategy, business development, technical implementation and mutual structures.


Shaun Fensom
0161 283 2675

UpturnUpturn is a recognised non-profit social enterprise limited by guarantee committed to assist individuals, public, private and third-sector orgnaisations and businesses unlock their full potential.

We do this by delivering sustainable solutions that have a positive and long lasting impact upon the wider community.

We have a vibrant community ethic generated by our multi-disciplinary team, drawn from both the public and private sectors, with extensive hands-on knowledge and experience of People, Enterprise, Training, Community and Business.

Each of our service areas is directed by qualified staff which means we can rapidly pinpoint the issues to be addressed, devise the best solution, and bring to bear our strengths and connections as a social enterprise.

This unorthodox approach, that we believe is unique, has resulted in a way of working that transcends sectors, questions traditional business norms and working practices and has enabled us to produce some extraordinary results.

GMCVOGreater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation (GMCVO) is the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector support and development organisation ('infrastructure') covering the Greater Manchester (GM) city region.

We work with and through the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector for the benefit of the people and communities of Greater Manchester

Founded in 1975, we are a membership organisation constituted as a charitable company with a voluntary board.