Collaborating effectively is hard.

We live and work in a world where competition is the default setting. We are constantly reminded of the need’ for competitive advantage’, of the importance of ‘keeping your cards close to your chest’, of ‘survival of the fittest’, and it being a ‘dog eat dog’ world out there. Everything is designed and built with a competitive mindset, so it’s hardly surprising that it can be difficult to collaborate successfully. It’s like swimming against the tide. 

Effective cooperation demands trust, openness, and a willingness to share. And if we can come together in a trusted space we know that we can all feel safer and happier, and we can make great things happen together. This is what the Innovation Cooperative is all about – providing shared trusted spaces - both digital and physical - where people, organisations, ideas and resources can come together to create innovation, grow new businesses, provide mutual support and together create a rising tide that floats all boats.

By applying the values and principles of cooperation to the process of how we collaborate and innovate to solve problems, to build new businesses and grow existing ones, we change the game. By underpinning leading edge thinking about ecosystemic business practices with proven commons-oriented approaches to processes and governance we create a highly supportive framework that acts as both incubator and accelerator for startups, and as a fruitful network for more established operators, providing new business and investment opportunities alongside mutual support.

We build inclusive economies and community wealth by establishing and nurturing a cooperative culture – a culture that generates impactful social enterprises, cooperatives, SME startups and scale-outs that focus on people and planet.

In the Innovation Cooperative collaboration is the default setting. Join us.